Service Delivery Task Force Recommendations

The Jackson District Library Board of Trustees wishes to record its sincere appreciation to library staff for providing several excellent recommendations on enhancing library services in Jackson County (please click here to view the report).

We are also deeply grateful to the many residents of Jackson County for expressing their strong interest in and support for the many services provided by the library.

The Board has decided initially to focus on the many service enhancements outlined in the recommendations of the Service Delivery Task Force, and does not have any plans at this time to close any of the branch locations of the Jackson District Library.

We look forward with great excitement to implementing several new initiatives and to continue to provide high quality library services to all residents in Jackson County.

Please contact our Director, Ishwar Laxminarayan, at or at (517) 788-4099, ext. 241 if you have any suggestions or comments. Thank you!

Deborah Herbert
President, Jackson District Library Board of Trustees