Two to consult: tweak your medicine & chemical exposure

    Two new books in the Jackson District Library system are strongly recommended for protecting your health. The first is Drug muggers: which medications are robbing your body of essential nutrients by Suzy Cohen.  This well-organized volume gives a chapter to each major nutrient, such as calcium, potassium, or zinc, which is stripped from the body by frequently prescribed medicines. Cohen, a celebrity pharmacist, lists foods which will counteract the effect while explaining how and why this happens. She also does away with the mysteries on whether to take a medicine with or without food, and what that actually means, time-wise and body-wise.
    In the last section of the book, Cohen covers multivitamins and other supplements, dishing up all the dirty industry secrets. But then she also gives lists of recommended resources. This book may even require purchasing to get everything you need out of it!  Definitely take a look, it could change your life.
    The other book is Pick your poison: how our mad dash to chemical utopia is making lab rats of us all by Monona Rossol. Rossol's bona fides are quite respectable: an industrial hygienist, she has been involved with industrial investigations since the 1970's and continues to be to this day. Rossol's book is alarming but not fear-mongering. Rossol tells us that the numbers of new chemicals are staggering.  The Chemical Abstract Society registers new chemicals at the rate of two dozen a minute, now up to more than 50 million. Most of these new chemicals receive no testing whatsoever. According to Rossol, the laws here in the US protecting us from chemical exposure "are just about the most pathetic anywhere." But she also says there are legitimate escapes and defenses for us in the face of this chemical flood.
   The last chapter in the book is the most useful. Called "Don't drive yourself crazy," the section offers 13 suggestions such as "Do the best you can with the amount of time you have" and "Choose with care whom to believe" or "Don't detoxify." ~Tessa Eger