Author Visit: Scott Sparling

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07/20/2011 6:30 pm

 The Jackson District Library presents author Scott Sparling reading form his new book Wire to Wire.

WIRE TO WIREassembles a cast of train-hopping, drug-dealing, glue-huffing lowlifes in a stunning homage to one of our most popular and enduring genres—the American crime novel.

While riding a freight car through Detroit, Michael Slater suffers a near-fatal accident—a power line to the head. After a questionable recovery and a broken relationship, he abandons his new home in the Arizona desert, but not before leaving a man for dead. Slater returns to Michigan in a busted-up Ford to reunite with an old train-hopping pal, but quickly discovers that the Pleasant Peninsula of his youth is none too pleasant. As Slater’s past catches up with his present—a love triangle, a local drug dealer, the damaged residents of a destitute Northern Michigan town—rock bottom keeps slipping farther away.

Three years later, Slater sits in a dark video-editing suite, popping speed like penny candy, attempting to reconcile himself with the unfilmed memories that haunt his screens and his conscience.

Sparling grew up in Jackson, MI and now resides outside Portland, OR. This is his first book. Copies will be available for purchase and author signing. The event will take place in the Sargent Auditorium of the Carnegie Branch, located at 244 W. Michigan Ave. in Jackson. Call 788-4087 for more information