DINOSAURS!!! A really big book by Steve Brusatte

Jacket Cover: Dinosaurs

Don't check out the new book about dinosaurs, absolutely DO NOT!  It is just too big to mess with.  And the art work is even bigger--guaranteed to give small boys, and some girls, exciting afternoons and better nightmares. For those small boys hidden away in gray-haired bodies, this book is going to elicit "Wowsers!" I promise.  The computer-generated art is vivid and life-like--and some are even life-size (for instance, archaeopteryx). I told you it was a big book.
    There is lots of detail smuggled into the book, as well, including statistics for each species, general descriptions of the eras, cladograms (family trees), maps showing where the fossils were found, and much more. Michigan would have been a great place for many dinosaurs, since some of them, brachiosaurus for one, seem to have liked conifers (that is, pine, spruce and fir trees). It probably isn't news to those small boys that there was a species named gasosaurus or "gas lizard." Hey, I think that one has visited my house from time to time. It's a fearsome predator, says Brusatte.
    This book is really good at giving you a close-up view of dinosaur tongues and teeth, not to mention the glowing eyes, both yellow and green. Baryonyx has a real tight close-up of its claws--appropriate, since its name means "heavy claw." Every dinosaur has a small size comparison drawing, depicting an upright man beside the dinosaur, so you can get a real grasp of how big they were, how close their jaws could come to your head.
    A generous portion of the book is devoted to the controversial feathered dinosaurs of China.  These tiny critters have been used for famous fakeries and yet still have been able to give scientists some amazing new insights. Other secrets and revelations are contained in the book, which I will leave for you to confront alone.~Tessa Eger