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April 1, 2007
By Jill Marie Mason
Jackson District Library Library Picks For April 1, 2007 By Jill Marie Mason

This week we will be having a Dance Dance Revolution Competition at the Carnegie branch of the library. We had one last month and it was a lot of fun! DDR isn’t just for kids. I competed and had a great time. If DDR is right up your alley, we have some video game related magazines and books. And a lot of people that like video games enjoy anime as well. Here are some selections.

Everyone knows that some games are just impossible to beat without some hints. Many people like to read gaming magazines for tips. The library subscribes to both Nintendo Power and GamePro. “Nintendo Power is the ultimate source for Wii, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo GameCube.” It features game previews, critical reviews, a community section with information on gaming trends and community members, news, strategies, and an archive of releases from the last twelve months. Looking for something not strictly Nintendo? GamePro, “where gamers go first,” covers PlayStation 2 and 3, Xbox and Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and PC games. GamePro has sections like: ask the pros, previews, pro reviews, role-player’s realm, code vault, and others.

Are you addicted to gaming? Maybe you should think about a career in the video game industry. Paid to Play: An Insider’s Guide to Video Game Careers includes over 100 interviews from currently working video game professionals. People often talk about becoming a game tester or designer, but there are many more jobs in this field to consider. Find out what they are by reading this book.

The library recently began collecting Anime videos. We currently have 22 (and growing) titles to choose from. I don’t know too much about anime, so I asked one of our anime fanatic patrons to recommend some titles. He suggested the Fullmetal Alchemist series and Castle in the Sky. To browse the titles from our anime collection, enter “anime videos” as a subject search in the online catalog.

With the addition of our anime video collection, we began subscribing to Anime Insider. It features animail, news, latest DVD releases, anime on television, manga, video games, and more. This magazine is filled with anime images and information, before you know it you will be a fanime.

Don’t forget to join us for the DDR competition on April 5th. Contact the Children’s Department at 788-4087 for more information.



Paid to Play: An Insider's Guide to Video Game Careers
By Hodgson, David S. J.
Rush, Alice
Stratton, Bryan
2006/10 - Prima Games
0761552847 Check Our Catalog

Compiled from interviews with over 100 game industry professionals, each chapter covers a job in the games industry, such as Journalist or 3D Artist. For each job classification, readers will learn:
- What exactly do you do?
- How many hours a week do you work?
- How many hours a week do you spend playing games for your job and for fun?
- Where do you work (at home, in an office, etc.)?
- How did you get the job (and how do / get the job), from education to geographical location to past experience?
- What are the best and worst parts of the job?
- What resources and technology do you have at your disposal?
- What is your annual salary range, and what kind of a car do you drive (the questions everyone really wants the answers to)? ...More