Book Review; In the Company of Others, by Jan Karon.

In the Company of Others:  

Its been 3 years since Karon’s last book, Home to Holly Springs.  This is the second in the Father Tim series. 

In this story Father Tim Kavanagh and Cynthia take a long awaited trip to Ireland.   The plan was for them to become more acquainted with Tim’s ancestral homeland.   The trip has been postponed several times for various reasons, including Cynthia’s ankle injury, and because of reinjuring it they decide to forego the sightseeing. They then become involved in the lives of various staff and family members at Broughadoon, the B&B, where they are staying. 

They find an old journal written in the 1860’s by the original owner of nearby Catharmore, and become enthralled in that history as well involved in the lives of the residents.  You will also meet other sometimes eccentric tourists staying and the B&B, and are entertained by their stories and talents.

Although the book is definitely a “gentle” read, there is turmoil and excitement, including break-ins, runaways, and robberies.  

If you have never read any of Karons Mitford series you might want to start with those books, but if you are already a fan of Karon, father Tim and Mitford, you will enjoy this latest offering.