Martin Luther King, Jr.

  As we remember this week the tragedy of Rev. King's death, and the difficult times surrounding his work and death, you may want to look at and share some of the excellent resources online and elsewhere.
    One recommended website is the Detroit library's Martin Luther King, Jr.: Historic speeches and interviews. Filled with many video clips and accompanied by a timeline, this page is a treasury of Dr. King's speeches, interviews, and other clips, including those concerning his assassination.
    A recent book is Hellhound on his trail: the stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the international hunt for his assassin by Hampton Sides. There is also a new children's biography out called Free at last! by Angela Bull.

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   Take some time this week to visit the website above or check out some of the fine materials available at JDL. And please remember, we are closed Monday in honor of Dr. King's birthday.