Using the New JDL Webpages- Part V- The Online Catalog; Creating Lists.

Have you ever wanted to keep track of what books in a series you have read, or still want to read, or wish you had a list of all of the books you used as resources, for a particular report or paper?

You can create lists right in your record at the Jackson District Library online catalog.

First find the books you want in the online catalog (see Using the New JDL Webpages Part I searching the catalog.)

Repeat the process to add as many titles as you wish.

Click My List at the top of the page

You may now e-mail this to yourself, or a friend:

Click on Email this list


Fill in the subject and e-mail address.

Click Send.

Close the browser and the list will be deleted.

You can also save your list for future reference:

From the list screen click on Login

Enter your library card number and pin number.

Now your list will be saved and you can access it from any internet computer.


I love this feature!

I have bookl ists spread all over the internet, so I love this feature here since it lets me keep track of my "want to read" list that the library has.