Jane Austen Book/Movie Club for November

Our November meeting will be put back a week to 11/15/10.  We will meet at 6:00 PM in the McIntyre Room in the Carnegie Bldg. at 244 W. Michigan Ave.  We will continue with the third and fourth segments of the movie version of Elizabeth Gaskell's "North & South."

If you haven't read Mrs. Gaskell's book, or seen the PBS Masterpiece/BBC version of the movie, I strongly urge you to do so,  especially if you love period dramas.  The book and movie highlight a time when England was moving from an agricultural economy to a machine-driven economy.  It contrasts the bucolic, agrarian society of the south with the striving intensity and pollution of the north.  Reverend Hale moves his family from the cozy cottage and good living of the village pastor to the uncertain future as a Classics instructor in the hard-charging, gritty North.  There his daughter Margaret bumps heads almost immediately with one of the mill-owners, John Thornton.  He comes to feel inferior to the gently born Margaret but he is strongly attracted to her.  His strong-willed mother doesn't feel that any woman is good enough for her son, especially one living in genteel poverty. Margaret makes friends with some of the mill workers and her impulsive belief in justice gets John into a violent, explosive situation.  He proposes and she declines, rather abruptly.

How this all gets resolved in spite of the fact that the contrast highlighted in the title goes beyond geography to the gap between rich and poor, gentry and tradesman makes for a delightful tale.  Please join us.