Dreams & their Inception

   Movie poster: Inception   New movie Inception has turned the world's attention inward, toward dreams and their possibilities. Some people may be anxious or interested in the movie's thesis--that others could use our dreams against us in reality or through manipulation.  News shows are inviting anyone they can find to discuss dreams, their possibilities and interpretations. This fascination is anything but new--from the times of prehistory and oral tradition down to the present-day, many of us have been obsessed with or at least impressed by our dreams and nightmares. Australian Aboriginal culture calls their prehistoric times the Dreaming. The Christian Bible contains many accounts of dream warnings. If you are one of those who are intrigued or bothered by dreams, the library has materials that may open up avenues of investigation, exploration, and resolution.
   There are several books containing topical dictionaries for dream interpretation, including The complete idiot's guide: dream dictionary by Eve Adamson and Gayle Williamson and Dream dictionary for dummies by Penney Peirce. Gillian Holloway is a popular author, with two books in the Jackson District Library collection.  Her first and more general book is called The complete dream book.  Published in 2006, this second edition is praised for basing the dream dictionary and interpretations on over 18,000 actual dreams. Her latest creation is The complete dream book of love and relationships: discover what your dreams and intuition reveal about your and love life by Gillian Holloway.
   For those Christians who are looking for something on dreams that is Bible-based, try Understanding the dreams you dream: biblical keys for hearing God's voice in the night by Ira Milligan. A frequent guest lecturer at Oral Roberts University, Milligan's book is closely tied to Bible examples and precedents for its meanings and interpretations. 
   Other works include a reworked 1997 book called The hidden power of dreams: the mysterious world of dreams revealed by Denise Linn. The detailed volume explores tactics and methods from various religions. From all of them, she draws anything with bearing on dreams, including astral projection, Tibetan meditation, dream guides, past life exploration, and more.  The back of the book is devoted to a dream dictionary. This author also has a radio show--the webpage is found at www.hayhouseradio.com. Her own website is found at www.deniselinn.com
   The library system also owns Sylvia Browne's book of dreams. Many reviewers have commented that her book is more flexible and useful, because Browne suggests optional interpretations, stemming from her opinion that dream symbols could have different meanings in different situations. These are just a sampling. There is more to discover every day at Jackson's terrific libraries!