Great Books for Family Listening!

 Jacket Cover  Summer vacations are here!  That is sooo good--but they can be sooo long, if you have long car rides or plane trips, or too much rain, or who knows?  One of the great new services at the Jackson District Library are the audio downloads.  We now offer two different download sources--NetLibrary and Overdrive.  They each have new and classic titles for use on computers or MP3 players.
     The newest source, Overdrive, has titles such as The count of Monte Cristo, an adventure tale sure to please both old and young, male and female. Another classic from Overdrive is Jack London's famous dog story, White Fang.  For more contemporary books, try the young adult bestselling series Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer.  Or the uber-cool adventure Fire by Kristin Cashore. Fire is a human monster, so beautiful that she has to hide her hair for fear of attack by both raptor monsters and human men. She is able to enter other people's minds and exert power over them. It is a tumultuous time in the kingdom, as various lords are preparing to overthrow the king, and Fire is drawn into the fray. An excellent fantasy which is only one among many titles from Overdrive.
     NetLibrary has been available from JDL for some time, but every day new users find it and discover the long list of titles available through its database.  First, may I strongly recommend Sherman Alexie's The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian.  This book will appeal to young males who are into basketball as well as anyone who enjoys realism and humor.  While not an easy read, it will generate lots of great discussion concerning reservations, Native American issues, poverty and more. 
    Similar in that it deals with minorities and social change, Eyes of the Emperor by Graham Salisbury is very different in its setting and time.  This novel is about a teen living in Honolulu during WW2. Salisbury has personally interviewed many Japanese American veterans who remember in vivid detail the racism and fear of that time. This one is not so much funny as heart-wrenching. An eye-opening glimpse of what the war was like for some Americans. Something for grandparents to listen to and talk about with their grandchildren?
    If none of these are appealing, let me reassure you that there are dozens more, many of them on the current bestseller lists, just waiting for you and your family to enjoy. Go to  Then click on Downloadable audiobooks, music, and videos. NetLibrary will be in the center section, OverDrive on the right. Don't hesitate to call 788-4087, ext. 234, if you need assistance.