Psychic Subjects

   Medium with crystal ballThere is always a lot of interest in psychic matters--for proof, simply look to the number of Sylvia Browne books in print and selling well. The Carnegie branch just ordered replacements for several missing books of hers--a sure sign of popularity. While, yes, Browne has a new book out (Psychic: my life in two worlds), there are numerous others on related topics that might interest readers.   
   First, the complete idiot's guide: numerology workbook by Patricia Kirkman and Katherine A. Gleason is based on Pythagorean mixed with other numerological systems and delves into your name, decision-making, the shadow side of numbers and more. If you are more interested in the romantic side of things, try Does your love life add up? How to use numbers to find your perfect relationship by Max Coppa.
    Everyday witch a to z: an amusing, inspiring & informative guide to the wonderful world of witchcraft by Deborah Blake is a light-hearted look and beginning to witchcraft, including spells and other topics mixed with hints from Magic the cat. If you want to play the cards, Rachel Pollack's tarot wisdom: spiritual teaching and deeper meanings can get you ready for the next big life question or what-have-you.
    For those who want a Christian viewpoint on these topics, pick up Dark side of the supernatural: what is of God and what isn't by Bill Myers and David Wimbish. Lots of Bible verses and stories to explain where church-goers may stand on these topics.