Jane Austen Book Club for April

We begin our discussion of Elizabeth Gaskell's "Wives & Daughters" on April 12th, 2010 in the International Room in the Carnegie Building at 6:00 pm.  "Wives & Daughters" is a wonderful book which revolves around a Dr.Gibson and his daughter Molly, in a provincial town in 1830's England.    Here's a plot summary of the book from Wikipedia.  For a shorter version: the good Dr. marries suddenly, thinking he needs a mother for Molly, who's growing too quickly.  Claire, his new wife, also has a daughter, Cynthia, a great beauty and accomplished flirt.  Molly and Cynthia become fast friends, in spite of their very different characters.  The class system of England comes into play with the introduction of the two sons of the local Squire, who warns Gibson that neither of his two daughters is good enough for such a distinguished  family.  Several suitors vie for both Molly and Cynthia, secrets are revealed, and it probably turns out all right in the end. 

Join us and find out!  We will be serving our customary tea and cakes.