Using the NewJDL WebPages: Part IV; Logging In

There has been some confusion about logging into the JDL Website.

You do not need to log-in to the website to search the catalog, use the online resources or databases, or search the events.

If you are searching the catalog and want to place a request or see what you have out you will need your library card number and PIN.

Loging into the website is different. If you create a seperate website account you can then make or add comments about the blogs, the events and even post to forums. In order to log in to the website you must create a new account.

You will need a user name- anything you want to be - and an e-mail address. An account will be created, and you will be given a password, you can go in later and change the password.

After you have created the webpage account, you will be able to comment on the blogs, the events and particpate in forums.

Hope this helps,

Happy commenting.