Wild Pacific wows!

     PacificThe last few evenings I've taken a vacation from the snowy, slushy Michigan weather and enjoyed the balmy South Pacific...on my tv.  Since I can't actually go there on vacation, this dvd series (also called South Pacific) is a very pleasing substitute.  The BBC documentaries are done with a similar format to the Planet Earth series with equal excellence.  The camerawork is stunning, whether from the air or under the sea, in a cave or up a tree.  Each documentary is followed by a brief segment on the production of the episode, just as in Planet Earth.  The fascinating creatures, breathtaking panoramas, and friendly hosts make each episode a treat.

Courting Kagus

       A fan of zoos and nature videos, I still found new creatures to amaze and enchant me in these, such as the Palau jellyfish that resemble cauliflower, or the kagu, a flightless bird that struts around like an opera star (who was that unmasked poobah?). If you enjoyed the Planet Earth dvd's, don't miss Wild Pacific!