RV Culture--Library Picks

Library Picks For July 1, 2007

By Jill Marie Mason

I recently went on a camping trip to Van Buren State Park near South Haven. I hadn’t been camping in a long time and forgot how great it is to sleep in a tent, eat food made over a fire, and go all weekend without showering! It was great to walk around the campground at night and look at the other campers’ setups. Many had large recreational vehicles with lanterns strung along the awning, AC units buzzing, and televisions flickering from within. I quickly became fascinated, and a bit puzzled, by RV culture. Why go camping when you have all the amenities of home? To gain an understanding of this phenomenon, let’s look at some titles for and about RVers and RVing.

crazy RVHave you been thinking about purchasing an RV? If so, check out The RVer’s Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Your RV by Kim Baker. This is a comprehensive guide to everything RV. The Bakers, who are seasoned RVers, know from experience what to look for, where to go, and how to get there in an RV. Learn a thing or two from them before making a commitment to this seemingly expensive hobby.

 Now that you have purchased your $9,000 to $250,000 recreational vehicle, learn how to take care of it with Woodall’s RV Owner’s Handbook: The Complete, Illustrated Guide to Preventative Maintenance and Repairs. Learn the ins and outs of safely operating your RV in this thorough book full of checklists and diagrams.

Looking for somewhere to go? Consult Mickey Little’s Camper's Guide to Michigan: Parks, Lakes, and Forests: Where to Go and How to Get There. Sure you can take your RV all over the continental United States and Canada, but why not start things off with what you know best, the Great Lakes state? Michigan has many hidden gems within its public land, get help discovering them with this book.

Now that you’ve made it to the campsite and you are relaxing under the shade of your RV’s awning, do some leisure reading. To keep with the theme, check out The Ride of Our Lives: Roadside Lessons of an American Family by Mike Leonard. Hear Leonard (an NBC News Correspondent) tell tales from the month long road trip he took with his elderly parents. This title is available in all formats (book on tape, book on CD, print, and large print).

If fiction is more your cup of tea, try Amy Wallen’s Moon Pies and Movie Stars. What do bowling alleys, The Price is Right, Texas, and an RV have in common? They are all part of this story which is available in large print.

pup tentFinally, when the tent campers of the campground are slapping at mosquitos and having night sweats in their “at one with nature” digs, curl up and pop a movie into the DVD player in your home away from home (literally). RV, starring Robin Williams and Jeff Daniels, would be a fitting selection.

Wheter you enjoy camping under the stars, in a tent, or under a comforter in your climate controlled RV, we have something for everyone at the library.


I don't get it either

I never understood the point of "camping" with an RV either.  I'm a tent camper kind of gal myself.

 The movie RV was funny.