Romance Rekindled

     As Valentine's Day approaches, many turn their thoughts to their partner or their search for one.  Some people need a little encouragement to get in the romantic mood.  For inspiration on happy marriages, try Everlasting matrimony: pearls of wisdom from couples married 50 years or more by Sheryl P. Kurland or Wedding days: when and how great marriages began: inspiring wedding stories for every day of the year by Susan J. Gordon.
    Anyone who hasn't seen Avatar yet is missing an action-packed love story set in new terms--this terrific science fiction movie is set on another world where humanity is not welcome.  Scientists figure out a way for humans to put their minds into lifeforms similar to the planet's human equivalents--and that's how Jake Sully meets Neytiri. She despises him for the baby he is, but leaders assign her the task of teaching him.
     Most of us have wondered if we were cursed when a string of bad events occurs, so the plot of Not another bad date by Rachel Gibson will feel familiar. Adele moves back to her hometown to help her sister and encounters an old flame, football hero now coach Zach. He wonders if she will ever consider dating him, after he dumped her in college.  She wonders if he will go berserk like other guys have. Little do they know, there is an actual curse, and the rival who put it on Adele has to remove it to get to heaven.
   Another story not in the usual run of romances is the recent bestseller The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. This delightful book, set in 1946. deals with the privations and uncertainties that affected wartime life on Guernsey.  With unique wit and surprise twists, Shaffer tells the story of Juliet Ashton, who travels to Guernsey to write about the island's experiences.  Told through the letters she and others write, the reader is kept guessing and wondering about many things until everything unravels and they all live happily ever after.