Fix or fix up that car yourself!

    Ready to tackle some of the easier repairs on your car?  Try some of these! To get a nice, clear presentation with appropriate charts and photos, Auto upkeep: basic car care, maintenance, and repair by Michael E. and Linda E. Gray, 2nd edition, is a good choice.  Steps and troublespots are clearly set out and price guides give reasonable maintenance and repair budgets. This one book will stand alone and be very helpful for repairs. Another of the same ilk is The car book: the complete and easy guide to understanding, owning and maintaining a car, 2nd edition, by Steve Rendle. Rendle has worked for Hayne Publications for about 20 years, and this is the new
     If you know someone who has never owned a car, Lauren Fix's guide to loving your car: everything you need to know to take charge of your car and get on with your life could be a good choice.  The first two chapters deal in depth with what type of car to purchase, things to watch out for and how to deal with insurance.Then there are chapters on driving issues (including defensive driving), dealing with mechanics, a nice glossary with photos, and finally some nice tips on cleaning and simple repairs.  Not an in-depth repair guide, but perfect for the new car owner. Similar to Lauren Fix's book is Dare to repair your car!: a do-it-herself guide to maintenance, safety, minor fix-its, and talking shop by Julie Sussman & Stephanie Glakas-Tenet. Geared specifically for girls, this book covers the same basic information--although it seems to cover some pretty basic items the other book overlooked, such as how to open the trunk or the hood. The layout of the other book is nicer, but this book cuts right to troubles that can occur, with short, clear explanations of how the system works. 
     If you are ready for more difficult operations, and there are certain specific problems with the electricals, Tracy Martin's short guide How to diagnose and repair automotive electrical systems is just the thing.Filled with color photos and diagrams, this book can help the more advanced understand the theory, stock up on necessary tools, troubleshoot, and understand the various American electrical systems, including charging, ignition, fuel injection and more.
     For some edgy options that are really different, Geek my ride: build the ultimate tech rod by Auri Rahimzadeh is the book to get.  This tool will show you how to install game consoles, pc's for media, music, internet and more in your rolling tech room.
    Another significant resource that JDL offers is the Chilton online auto repair manuals, now available online (with a library card). On the website, click on Library Resources, then click on Access the databases.  Look for Chilton's in the alphabetical list, and click on it to get to the database. You will be asked to login using your library card number and your pin number. (Get that from the circulation desk when you visit the library.) Once there, the database begins by asking you to select a particular vehicle by year, make and model.  In that section, there are three subdivisions: maintenance, repair, and bulletins/recalls. The largest area is repair, which involves outlines of each aspect of the vehicle from the body to electrical systems and so on.  Diagrams are included with step-by-step instructions. This database, available through your own computer, saves lugging those huge, quickly-outdated manuals around! (But we still have alot of those, if you want.)
     There are also numerous free resources online these days, such as Kelley Blue Book (, which offers both new and used car prices, with depth regarding retail, trade-in and private party values accompanied by various choices on mileage, condition and options. They also provide for comparing several different vehicles. In addition, dealers, reviews and classified ads are also provided in this huge site.  When searching the classifieds, one can search within a certain number of miles, as well as by price range or mileage range or any number of other variables.   The Edmunds’ car guide, very similar to Kelley, is online at NADA can be found at NADA also features classic cars, motorcycles, RV's, boats and manufactured homes. Finally, for the environmentally-conscious, the EPA offers a Green Vehicle Guide at the following website:


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