Rome - a great watch!

JDL has recently acquired both seasons of the HBO series, "Rome."  The mostly British cast is lead by Ciaran Hinds as Gaius Julius Caesar, James Purefoy is Mark Antony, and David Bamber is oily and eloquent as Cicero.  The story takes place while the triumvirate of Caesar, Pompey and Crassius have divided up the republic among themselves.  This series is unique is that it also follows two ordinary soldiers of Caesar's legions, so you see the extremes of society, high and low.  The $100 million-plus budget shows on screen - the sets, design and production look so real.  The famed Cinecitta studios in Rome were used and it's authenticity makes you think you can smell the spilled wine, the dust on the streets, etc.  This is for mature adults only, sex and profanity are common.  That said, it is an excellent production with great historical accuracy.  Well worth your time.