Job Hunting Resources for 2010

    As 2010 begins, the unemployment rate is showing some improvement, but there are still too many Michiganders out of work.  In 2009 the Jackson District Libraries ordered new materials targeting job hunters. Books such as Amazing resumes: what employers want to see--and how to say it by Jim Bright and Joanne Earl.  Since many current job hunters are older, experienced workers, we have ordered the latest edition of Resumes for the 50+ job hunters.
    Because the rounds of layoffs have affected people without bachelor's degrees, the title 300 best jobs without a four-year degree by Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin, 3rd edition, will be a great resource. The first part is made up of lists such as the 100 best-paying jobs that don't require a four-year degree, the 100 fastest-growing jobs that don't, the 100 jobs with the most openings, and then these are broken down by age groups or gender. The remainder of the book describes each job in detail, including the personality type that fits a given position, the skills needed, the work environment (for example, noisy or outdoors or sitting) and any education or training required.
    Another type of book, the young person's job-hunting manual, is represented by Ditch the flip flops: ace your job interview fresh out of college by Sylvia I. Landy and Can I wear my nose ring to the interview?: the crash course: finding, landing, and keeping your first real job by Ellen Gordon Reeves. These materials are written to help the new job hunter with the interview process.  They can save anyone, not just youth, from many mistakes and bad impressions, as well as giving great suggestions for answering interview questions.
    Finally, in a bad job market, the newly released prisoner can have an especially hard time.  The ex-offender's 30/30 job solution: your lifeboat guide to re-entry success by Neil P. McNulty and Ronald L. Krannich is designed just for those awkward moments and difficult questions. The reassuring advice and matter-of-fact tone will encourage and inspire.