Book Review: The Girls from Ames by Jeffry Zaslow

The Girls from Ames: a story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship by Jeffry Zaslow

book cover

This is the true story of 11 women from Ames Iowa, who were childhood friends and even though they live in 8 different states, they still manage to remain friends at the age of 44.

 Thebook covers, how, they met, what their family lives were like, what others (not in the group) thought about them, what they thought about themselves as a group, how they as a group felt about that and the nick names some of the kids had for them.   I have to admit, that I am not sure I would have liked some of these girls when they were in high school. 

  I found the book enjoyable, there were some of the girls I liked more than others, and there were times I didn't like them, as a group.  It gave me some things to think about.

What it means to be and have a friend, why and how they have stayed friends for all these years.  

 The author and the “girls” talk about their lives students in Ames, and as adults. The trials and tribulations they have had in their lives, and how friendship has helped them get through it.   They talk about why, when you are going through a difficult time; old friends have a different kind of connection, than new or current friends and neighbors.

 I got to know some of the women in the book well, (like a friend) I wish I could have gotten to know others better.

 There is a website, for those who wish to stay updated about what is going on with the girls from Ames.  This would be a good choice for a book discussion group.