Book review Crazy Ladies, by Michael Lee West

Crazy Ladies by Michael Lee West

I picked up this book expecting something more humorous, and it does have it's funny parts but it is not what I expected. I kept reading because I wanted to know what happened next but I can't say that I really liked any of  the characters.
    The story is told by 6 woman,  Gussie Hamilton, her two daughters and their daughters and Miss Gussie's maid Queenie,  each with a different view of life and each situation they envounter.
The story starts in 1932, during the Great Depression, when young Gussie Hamilton, and her newborn daughter, Dorothy,  and a shocking murder. 
The story takes the reader through World War II, floods, the Vietnam conflict, the San Fransisco hippies.  
You will see how each woman deals with the lifes hardships, losses and triumphs.  A good read.

JDL has only an abridged Book on tape of this book, but it is available through MelCat.