New Horror Reads

    As we approach the creepy junctures, some new thrillers might help add to the ambience. Carnegie Library’s horror aficionado, Sharon K, has suggested most of the following books for their graphic violence, sheer fear and gore. 
    Afraid by Jack Kilborn is the first book Sharon suggested—scary from start to finish, she gave it a wow and said she got “sucked right in.”  Pleased reviewers describe Afraid as unrelenting, intense, a true “gore fest.”  Those who have read for long in the creep-us-out collections will remember Richard Laymon, one of the masters.  Recently reprints have been issued, including Dark Mountain.  Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, this Deliverance-style camping adventure involves family vengeance, curses, and lots more evil in human shape.
    Another popular horror author, Edward Lee, has named his latest book Golem. The golem is a mythical creature of Jewish folklore created from clay. Lee’s scare tome takes one deep into the secrets of an ancient Jewish mystical cult—and then fountains those bloody secrets over a non-stop plot of violence set in historical and contemporary Maryland.
    Publishers Weekly likes Nate Kenyon’s newest, The reach. Even with several similarities to Stephen King's Firestarter, Kenyon’s book seems to please readers enough that they don’t complain or compare.  After a traumatic birth and childhood, an evil pharmaceutical company steps in, imprisoning and experimenting on the girl who is convinced she is an abomination.

    Read ‘em and sleep—badly!