There's more 2012!

     The last posting was a selection of books informing us about 2012.  For those who want entertainment that deals with current issues, two fictional books have been published. First, 2012: the war for souls by Whitley Strieber is a combo thriller/scifi/horror with some speculative philosophy and theorizing. Strieber is famous for a book turned movie called Communion--his own personal alien abduction story.  Strieber was already well-known as a horror writer when he published Communion.  Now he will be well-known for his fictional 2012 novel, also to be turned into a movie. You know an author is hitting the outer extremes when one Amazon reviewer claims to be an alien from the Intergalactic Parliament and another one says Strieber's book reminds him of his dreams and visions while taking salvia... 
    Appropriately enough, Apocalypse 2012 is written from notes left by the late Gary Jennings, author of the Aztec saga.  It continues his stories of the ancient Mayan world, but ties in to our near future and the world's demise.  Fans of Aztec will enjoy this, too, as will anyone interested in a wild, action-packed fictional introduction to the Mayan calendar prophecies.  
   The library also has two documentaries on the prophecies of 2012.  2012: science or superstition features the research of some authors mentioned last week, including Pinchbeck and Joseph, as well as an expert in ancient astronomy and an expert in South American shamans. The film tries to give both sides of each idea from an objective standpoint, although it is natural that some theory will be stated as fact in such a situation. Still, this is fairly good in its presentation and coverage and even-handed approach. The History Channel produced Armageddon: exploring the doomsday myth, a two-disc set of four documentaries. Only one of the four covers the Mayan prophecies, but another one discusses other oracles which have seemingly chosen the same date. The final two episodes cover doomsday technologies, extant and futuristic.
   All of these materials are popular and usually checked out--we recommend that you place requests for them, to ensure that you get the opportunity to look at them before 2012 actually arrives.





It is quite obvious that earthquakes are unleashing worldwide. There is a free book on forthcoming events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and eventually Earth’s pole shift, all of them triggered by the approach of Nibiru or planet Hercolubus. That book is an important alert and a guide to prepare ourselves for the coming times.


Just go to and click on the ‘free copy’ link. There are translations to several languages.