Book Review Stealing Lumby by Gail R. Fraser

book cover   Stealing Lumby by Gail R. Fraser

This is the second book in a Series. I wrote about the first, Lumby Lines a few weeks  ago.

  In this book, a painting, The Barns of Lumby has been stolen, The painting is “one of the most important meanings of the twentieth century,then one of the actual barns in the famous painting is physically stolen. We also find out that the world renowned artist, has a personal connection to one of the residents of the town. (Three mysteries to solve for all you mystery lovers)

In the meantime the “quirky” residents of Lumby carry on with their lives.

The local newspaper carries stories like the complaints made to the Sheriff's office which include things like: “Lumby Sporting Goods reporting a naked female mannequin being borrowed without permission, illegally parked riding lawn mowers and public pay phones being moved during the night.

As well as stories like a gray molded owl named Caesar was taken from a residents yard and sending photographs from exotic locations. Finding live chickens laying eggs in a corner mail box.

As I read this book, it made me think about some of our local summer festivals. particularly about the Annual Summer Solstice Moo Doo Iditarod. A race down main street, that involves two cows pulling a sled (weighing no more than 30 pounds) Entrants are not allowed to stand, sit or lay in the sleds and must have no physical contact with cows and verbal abuse will result in immediate disqualification. It brought to mind Springport's FFA turkey trot obstacle course a few years ago. (That is another whole blog, ask me about it sometime) Hey this might be a thought for Parma, Springport, or Hanover

Other characters from the previous book also play a big part in this book, Inn keepers Mark and Pam Walker, are still having trouble with their bee hives and livestock. And who could forget Hank the plastic pink flamingo, who shows up at all the important events dressed appropriately.

I throughly enjoyed this book, and found it VERY funny. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series. 

Jackson District Library owns only 1 copy of the first and second books and two copies of the third, so you may have to wait a short time to get them, but I think it is well worth the wait.