Book Review: Lumby Lines by Gail Fraser

Lumby Lines bye  Gail Fraser.
While looking for books, by some of my favorite authors I I found a link to Gail Fraser’s Lumby books. 
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From the publisher: 
“  What Garrison Keillor did for Lake Wobegon, Gail Fraser has done for Lumby

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“Readers who have traveled to Mitford with Jan Karon will find the trip to Lumby at least as pleasant and marked with a lot more laughter.”  

 If you like Fannie Flagg, read the Lumby novels by Gail Fraser 

The book is about the town of Lumby,  in the Northwestern United States.  The back cover calls it a "quirky one moose town….The benign mayhem and full array of personalities come to life in snippets from the local paper, The Lumby Lines,  which offers an endearing glimpse into small town living and the extraordinary moments of ordinary lives."

From the first newspapaer entry of Sheriff's notes in the Lumby Lines
                “ Lumby resident requested that her grass be measured by the front walk….
                  A Lumby caller reported that two draft horsed had wandered into his pasture…
                  Caller reported that aluminum ladder stolen yesterday has been returned. “

A couple from the East Coast purchase a “fire ravaged Montis Abbey, intending to convert the historic landmark into a country inn.“  As in most small towns new comers are not always looked on favorably by some residents,

This book is Funny.  You will smile, perhaps  even laugh out loud,  when you read about the sheriff’s notes in the local paper,  about Hank.  the pink plastic Flamingo who welcomes people to town with variouis "appropriate, and occasionally inappropriate attire"  the mailbox Picasso , who stirkes at night, the tricycle stealing moose,  the very unlikely marijuana farmers, the even more unlikey marijuana  thieves. and the mayoral candidates.
This ismall book and a quick read., but it is charming and funny and I am ready to read the next in the series, to find out what will happen with the new friends I made.


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On Joyce's advice, I picked

On Joyce's advice, I picked this up.  What a fun read!  I did laugh out loud--and I found myself reading the "newspaper articles" out loud to my husband, for laughs. Looking forward to the next one--gotta find out what happens to the poor moose with the tricycle caught on its antlers!