Murder-By-Month Mysteries

I just finished the Murder-By-Month Mystery Series by Jess Lourey.  So far, JDL has four - May Day, June Bug, Knee High By the Fourth of July and August Moon.  The heroine, Mira, has fled the big city of Minneapolis to find bucolic ordinaryness in Battle Lake, MN as a part-time librarian and part-time reporter.  Unfortunately, she has the unhappy bad luck to discover a murder every month since she hit town. Her new novel is described in; "Jess Lourey, the literary love child of Agatha Christie and Garrison Keillor, gives us September Fair, an entirely engaging novel with pathos, plot twists and quirky characters galore, plus an inside knowledge of state fairs, beauty pageants and the dairy industry. Beautifully written and wickedly funny, it comes with one caveat emptor: this book could turn meat-eating readers into vegetarians, and the vegetarians into vegans." All the novels are laugh-out loud funny at times, leading some reviewers to praise her as the Minnesota answer to Stephanie Plum.  Try reading them in order - if you like village mysteries, you'll like these.  Then you'll be right in line to read September Fair when it's released September 1st!