Book Review: Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy

book cover Book Review Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy

Summary from the back cover:

"...Dr Clara Casey has been offered the thankless job of establishing the underfunded clinic and agrees to take it on for a year. She has plenty on her plate already-two difficult daughters, and the unwanted attentions of her ex-husband- but she assembles a wonderfully diverese4 staff devoeted to helping their demanding, often difficult patients.

Before long, the clinic is established as an essential part of the community and Clara must decide whether or not to leave a place when lives are saved, courage is rewarded, and humor and triumph over greed and self-pity..."


This summary makes it sound like it is all about Clara Casey, and the clinic, and although that is the central focus that ties everything together it really the stories of the patients and staff of the clinic.  The polish immagrant, Anaya, her "friend Carl" and his disagreeable mother.  Dr. Declan Carrol, and nurse Fiona, as well as many others.

It is funny, and touching. It is a nice quiet story, with bits of intrque to add exciment. 

My measure for a good book is wheather I feel like I am saying goodby to to all of the new and old friends and am looking forward to the next book to see what happens in their lives.  I certainly feel that way with this wonderful book.

Binchy, brings in characters from some of her past books. such as Fiona, from Nights of Rain and Stars, the twins Maude and Simon from Scarlet Feather, Quentins Restaurant from Queintins, Father Brian Flynn form Whitethorn Woods, Adian and Nora Dunne from The Evening Class. You do not have to read the prvious books to enjoy this one, but you will probably want to read them after you read Heat and Soul.