An Evening with Parahaunt--Library Picks

Library Picks For June 24, 2007

By Jill Marie Mason

Scott--Founder/Owner of ParaHaunt

On June 29th from 6-8 pm, the Carnegie branch will be hosting “An Evening with ParaHaunt: Paranormal Reasearchers.” Scott Hattis, founder of ParaHaunt, will conduct a paranormal investigation of the 101 year old Carnegie library and reveal his findings at the event. Learn tales from the paranormal research field while sharing stories of your own brushes with the other side. To set the mood let’s look at some paranormal picks.

What if the library is haunted? Maybe a librarian from days gone by is still hanging around in the stacks telling patrons to be quiet, but no one can hear her. What would she look like if she appeared? For a peek at the apparition of a librarian, check out the comedy classic Ghostbusters starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before making too much noise in the library!!

Before embarking on your voyage into the paranormal, learn all about parapsychology in Phenomenon: Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal. This encyclopedia of the supernatural is authored by famed psychic Sylvia Browne.

We’ve all heard about little Mary’s grave, but what are some other haunted places in Michigan? Gerald Hunter reveals them in his books Haunted Michigan and More Haunted Michigan. Both are about modern day, active hauntings throughout the Great Lakes State.

Most of us have been to haunted houses around Halloween, but what if you lived in a haunted house? Hear evidence for and against haunted houses in Haunted Houses, from the Opposing Viewpoints series. In this compilation of essays by various authors, learn how to tell if a house is haunted, three steps for dealing with ghosts, how many “hauntings” are faked, and so on.

Do you think your house is haunted? Research those that have lived there before you in the Minter Van Orman room at the Carnegie Branch. We have many resources to help you: City Directories from the 1800s-present, U.S. census records, newspaper clippings, local history books, family files, the legends file, genealogical databases, and more!!

Don’t forget to come to An Evening with ParaHaunt: Paranormal Researchers on Friday June 29th! For more information call me at 788-4087 ext. 234.

…It’s going to be spooktacular.


jacksonista's picture

We'll be there!

I love ghost related things.  I'll be there with my daughter tonight! Laughing

ParaHaunt rocks!

It was really cool to listen to what the ParaHaunt people had to say about investigations.  I joined their yahoo group so I could learn lots more and maybe even go on one of their public investigations someday.  My son got all freaked out about how they were talking about demons being real.  He had no idea that they could be anything other than mythology!