Diana Gabaldon comes to Jackson

        As we wait with anticipation for Diana Gabaldon’s Jackson visit in May, the library would like to recommend her many delectable books, as well as some read-alikes. Looking for read-alikes gets a little dicey, since her books cross many lines, not fitting into a single genre. That may be the secret to her popularity—the stories suit many different readers, from romance to time travel to historical fiction.

Jack Finney's Time and again and From time to time are a celebrated pair of novels, the first called a “cult classic.” The New York Times invites us to “Go back in time and have a wonderful time doing it.” These have the extra intrigue of involving a secret government project in Manhattan.

An author who takes doctoral students from 2048 journeying through time is the acclaimed Connie Willis. The Doomsday Book, which won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, sends Oxford history student Kivrin through time to land, through a miscalculation, at the onset of the Black Plague. Meanwhile, back home in the future, calamities bring out the essential, humorous craven nature in college professors and administrators. Love, friendship, loyalty and tragedy all play out in Willis’ excellent book. And when you finish that book, try Willis’ romp To say nothing of the dog, a Victorian time farce. Fire watch has a collection of her fabulous short stories, including the title one which features more of the time travelers.

Many of us remember the romantic Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour movie Somewhere in time that was filmed at the Grand Hotel.  The original classic by Richard Matheson, also called Somewhere in time, is still around—matter of fact, the library has it on audiobook. One for a road trip, perhaps? Another highly-esteemed clock watcher, Audrey Niffenegger, has written The time traveler's wife, a love story as captivating as Matheson’s, filled with the complexities and heartbreaks of real people living with surreal problems. 

        It really wasn’t so difficult to find read-alikes after all—it was more of a challenge to narrow the fistful down to those unmatched gems in the lot!

        Don’t forget to sign up for the May 8th & 9th Word Wise events with Diane Gabaldon early! Space is limited.


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Love Diana Gabaldon and Jack Finney

I am desolated I can't be here for Word Wise - Diana G. is a fantastic writer.  You get so swept up in her stories you can't put the book down until you're done and then you want to read the next one right away.  I've reread the series several time and get lost in the books every time.

I listened to Time & Again on the audiobook here at the library.  It was so evocative of NYC that I had to know more.  I bought a book on "Great Apartment Buildings of New York" so I could get a better feel of the floorplan of the apartments at the Dakota.  I'm so excited to know whe have the sequel.  Thanks, TJ!

Diana Gabaldon

Another great series is the Into The Wilderness series by Sara Donati.  There are four books in that series so far with another one on the way.  These books are in the time of Clare and Jamie when they are in America.  Clare is mentioned in the books as a healer for one of the characters, and Jamie is also mentioned, so it is really fun to get another view of the time.   Sara Donati is another author that I would love to see at a book signing!  Can't wait till the 9th!!

Well Done Word Wise!

This past weekend was a true treat! Thank you to everyone who helped bring Diana Gabaldon, Beverly Jenkins and Bob Droppleman to Jackson! Seven friends and I made the trek from the Grand Rapids area and were VERY impressed by the program you put together. The reception on Friday was lovely. The local author that read (I would like to get her name) was wonderful, and we enjoyed Beverly and Diana immensely. The workshop on Saturday was filled with clever quips and insights in to these amazing women and their writings. Bob Droppleman, on the bagpipes, was delightful! The procession from the library to the church was a brilliant idea. His talk was very informative and fun, and he is an exceptional player. Lunch was delicious, and your dragonfly planter centerpieces with the strawberry plants with a quote from Drums of Autumn was a beautiful touch. The little sapphire and amber bits on the table along with the little dragonfly confetti was just on example of your marvelous attention to detail. Thank you again for a wonderful experience, and we will definately be checking back in to see who may be coming to Jackson next year!