Downsized? No trauma, do it with ease

There are a lot of us looking at our finances and deciding to make do with less, whether where we are or moving on to something smaller. Some of us have to do this, some don’t.  And wherever we are, we can make it feel safe and secure for ourselves and our children. There are already books out to help us with the physical aspects of this—some designed for seniors, but the helpful principles work just the same.  For instance, Downsizing your home with style:  living well in a smaller space by Lauri Ward has great reviews and excellent ideas, including recommendations on what to keep and what to sell or give away. Lauri also has a blog you can read to get even more for your money. (IOW, this is all free!) The complete tightwad gazette: promoting thrift as viable alternative lifestyle by Amy Dacyczyn is a great resource for cutting back.  Publisher of the Tightwad Gazette for six years, the author has gathered all the great ideas in one great book, indexed in the back but great for browsing.  It includes a whole section on moving for less.

One possible complication in moving and downsizing is your child’s fears.  There are some great books out there that can help.  Several are meant for you to read to your child, including The stars will still shine by Cynthia Rylant and Tiphanie Beeke. Reviewers use words like soothing, comforting, and luminous while reassuring us that this is “a reassuring picture book for young children.” Along the same lines is Boomer’s big day by Constance McGeorge and Mary Whyte, featuring Boomer, a loveable Golden Retriever, who goes through a chaotic and frustrating day of moving. Great help preparing the littlest members of household!

If you need advice, try The secure child: helping children feel safe and confident in a changing world by Stanley Greenspan. Experienced psychologist Greenspan has some fundamental principles for helping children deal with a crisis.

The library has a multitude of materials which can help those going through the difficulties of a move or a forced downsize, so please check the online computer catalog or ask your librarian for more suggestions.