Cars for Kids--Library Picks

by Sara Tackett

May 31, 2007

 Jackson has always been filled with the sound of cars and racing and here are some books for those young racing fans.

 The first auto race in the United Sates is featured in The Great Horse-less Carriage Race by Michael Dooling. This 52 mile race took place Thanksgiving Day in a foot of snow across the city of Chicago. Of the 6 who started the race, only three drivers finished facing snow, ice, breakdowns and accidents after the eleven hour race.

The Speed Show-How NASCAR won the Heart of America by Dave Caldwell reviews the history, technology, fans and future of NASCAR. The story starts with the death of Dale Earnhardt which rocketing NASCAR into the center of American attention. From the roots of the sport during prohibition, to today’s die hard fans and the mega-corporation that runs it all, racing has something for everyone.

R is for Race by Brad Herzog takes us through the A-Z of racing. From the flagman, to radio contact from speed to the Zebra-colored flag, we journey through all kinds of racing.

Everything I know about Cars by Tom Lichtenheld is a collection of made-up facts, educated guesses and silly pictures about cars, trucks and other zoomy things. If you think that cars was invented by two horses in Ohio that were tired of pulling things around, this book is for you.