Yearning for Warmer Climes?

Beach with palm tree

As the snow falls and our skin dries, maybe soft breezes and warm sun of more southerly lands begins to sound tempting.  If so, the books suggested below can really help calm those cravings and give good advice to the winter weary. This is just a small sampling of the wide range and diverse types of travel books available at every branch.

Up-to-date travel guides including Fodor’s Bahamas, Fodor’s Bermuda, Fodor’s exploring Israel and Fodor’s exploring Spain, plus piles of others can be found at many branches. The other famous name in travel guides, Frommer’s, also has hordes of titles covering, among others, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, New Orleans or the South Pacific.

Before you take off with the dog, the kids and the diaper bag, you will want to look over Fodor’s Travel with your baby.  Some of the worst experiences while traveling can be when problems happen with your baby—you’re out of formula, and they have no milk on the plane; the security guy insists on scanning the stuffed Barney; teething, plugged ears and a long flight all arrive together. Let this guide help you prepare and fend off most troubles.

Book jacketShould your dreams range as far as Honolulu, Hawaii with kids by Rachel Christmas Derrick, 2007, has great ideas on everything from outrigger rides to kite-flying, whale-watching to the hula. Be sure to add another, more experienced, guide such as Frommer’s along with this one, since this one has a few limitations.

            Some of the most interesting vacations out there come from two new books, The 100 best worldwide vacations to enrich your life by Pam Grout, 2008, and her earlier North American selection, The 100 best vacations to enrich your life.  Includes such gems as surfin’ safaris, learn Spanish or teach English in Mexico, sailing schools, weave a Navajo rug, and others.

            Next week:  beautiful views from your recliner!