Gift Fiction

Desperate for a Christmas gift idea? Try some of these books! One fiction title currently high on the bestsellers list is The host by Stephenie Meyer. Author of the wildly popular young adult Twilight series, of which the latest book, Breaking dawn, is also new on the shelves, Meyer is trying to reach adult audiences with this science fiction invasion of Earth tale.  Her skills are well applied to this imaginative siege mentality, humanity must be saved upbeat romance.  Lovers of Twilight will love this, as well.

The story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski is receiving armloads of accolades, especially considering this is a first time author. The description says it is about a family that breeds dogs, but as a dog lover, let me say, there wasn’t enough about the dogs in it.  The story was really Edgar’s—mute, but not deaf, smart but not social, Edgar’s story takes him on a trip, both physical and into himself, then brings him home.  To me, some of it seemed a little dull or repetitious, but most people love this book.

Exit music by Ian Rankin is the final installment in the riveting Inspector Rebus series.  In this soon-to-be released police procedural, Edinburgh detective John Rebus must solve a murder in ten days, before he turns 60 and mandatory retirement.  Detective Sgt. Siobhan Clark joins him in studying the death of a Russian poet. Seventeen books is the unlucky number for fans of this series.

Mystery book cover: Head Wounds

Another excellent mystery is the newest Sam Acquillo title, Head wounds by Chris Knopf.  This third book in the series will stand just fine by itself, as I can attest, not having read the others first.  Former CEO and boxer, Acquillo must clear himself of a murder charge that involved lots of physical evidence that he was there when the guy with the grudge against him was killed. Lots of great characters, sparring with his lawyer, and conversations reminiscent of Robert Parker’s Spenser make this a fun read. Any or all of these would make excellent gifts!