New Brit Mysteries

We have some new British mysteries just in.  Midsomer Murders Set 11 (can you believe it!) has just arrived, as has The Last Detective Set 4 and Foyle's War, Set 1 & 2Midsomer Murders is the hugely popular series of movie-sized mysteries set in the fictional English County of Midsomer.  John Nettles plays Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, who, with his newest sidekick, Detective Constable Ben Jones, played by Jason Hughes, solve murders throughout the county.  Sometimes several people must die before the killer is brought to justice, but, since this is an English series, there is very little gore.

The Last Detective is the story of Dangerous Davies, who is so-called because he is the "last detective I'd assign to a case," per his alcoholic and lugubrious boss.  Peter Davison, of All Creatures, Great and Small and Dr. Who fame, plays the hapless detective who really is very good at his job, but bad at his own PR.  Emma Amos plays his wife and Sean Hughes his buddy to round out the cast.

Foyle's War is set in wartime England, with each mystery tied to some actual event.  DCI Foyle is turned down, almost weekly, by the War Office, who keeping denying his request to go back into service.  He is too important to the War effort, since his beat (or patch, as the English say) is the vulnerable South Coast of England.  From the disastrous Army defeat at Trondheim in Norway, the action proceeds month by month through the war.  In one episode, Foryle releases a suspect to go to sea with his father and rescue the rest of the Army from the beaches at Dunkirk.  Foyle can't drive, so his driver, played by Honeysuckle Weeks, is assigned from the  Women's Transport Service.  His Sergeant, played by Anthony Howell, has lost a leg at Trondheim, and is adjusting to the loss of his leg and the pressures of civilian life.  Michael Kitchens plays Foyle, with the most beautifully regulated manner.  He can say more with his face than most actors can with pages of dialogue.

If you like English mysteries, I urge to to give these a try.  Just click on the blue links above to order.