The Worst or Weirdest Things I ever ate

The worst things I ever ate. 
I haven’t been able to find a book on the subject so I may write one. 

Some of my co-workers were discussing child hood memories one day and we started listing some of the weird strange gross things our parents made us eat.

For me it was my dad eating chicken feet, no way would I eat that.  Now the pickled pigs knuckles I liked or the sardines, although now I can’t figure out why.  When he was a kid he made a younger friend eat worms. Hey the older boys said her try this, so little Charlie did.

My dad wouldn’t drink is coffee without canned evaporated milk. Yuk.  My mother used to make sandwiches out of left over bean soup. You know the navy beans and ham soup that when it was cold it congealed and looked gross.  She ate that stuff.

For TE it was Vienna sausages, potted meat and spam.  Oh yeah and SOS, or the more proper name Chipped beef gravy on toast.

MW agreed with the spam

JeD said creamed spinach, oysters

Big K said dry non fat milk was really gross.  Another thing she hated was little green brains (it took a minute but she meant Brussels’ sprouts)

They both thought we were loosing it when JD and I remember having milk with cream on top and scraping it off.

JD’s dad ate orange marmalade and onion sandwiches,
His neighbor ate vanilla ice cream and mustard.

Kalamari said chow mien, it looked like little white worms.

The worst think EP could come up with was oyster stew every New Years. 

Okay your turn, leave a comment,  what is the weirdest, strangest worst thing you can remember your parents eating or making you eat?  After all if I’m going to write a book I need lots of material.


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Gross foods.

I used to eat liver sausage sandwiches!  Wonder bread, mayo and smashed-up liver sausage!  Yum!  I still like fried bologna, only now I've learned to notch it so it doesn't cup.

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Tongue and something else

My parents were really conservative eaters, but my in-laws!!! They eat tongue and other assorted delicacies--gefilte fish and hot, hot peppers and...  A favorite tale is told of the family patriarch eating the dog's food that was on a plate in the frig.  Boy, was he mad!!!!

When we lived in Mali, our Malian friends took great delight in teasing me about "green sauce"--made from okra and gooey, it looked like, well, something from our noses.  EWWWW!  It had nothing, though, on a spice called "Sumbala."  We brought some home and kept it in the freezer for years, just so people could smell it (and so we could reminisce on good times).



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This came from my personal

This came from my personal blog.

My dad used to put butter on his shredded wheat. I never really could understand that. He also butters his hot dog buns as well. Yuk!

I like Salmon, but my mom made salmon burritos once, and they were nasty. We ended up going out that night.

strange food

My parents ate a lot of strange food being from the early 1900s such as chicken feet, pickled pigs feet , farmers cheese(tastes like pure sour butter) But the thing i remember most was Head cheese. It is made from by products of the head and feet of pigs or calf. Yucky!

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More from my blog

The land of fruit and nuts said...

 Souse, Head Cheese,brains, and cow tounge. Thank God I don't remember the chicken feet. How about soda crakers and milk?

weird food?

One of my parents loves corned beef hash.  The stench of this canned dog food looking gel makes me nauseous.  To this day, I run from can openers.  Can you see it?  Can you smell it???

good eats?

Don't get me started on sliced cow tongue sandwiches!

weird food

My neighbor ate her mother's homemade chocolate pudding until she discovered it was not pudding but blood soup.

Well this blog is probably the best thing for a diet.

I am surprised no one mentioned SPAM!!!  What is that stuff. 

My Dad tried once to get me to eat frog legs and told me it was chicken when I was kid and I told him chicken does not look like little pants.

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Oh yuk ewwww

According to Wikipedia, Blood Soup is any soup that uses blood as it's main ingredient.  They have a whole list of them. 

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According to Wikipedia Spam is a canned precooked meat product made by Hormel foods.  The name comes from Spiced Ham.

Vegemite and spam

Vegemite is certainly a strange food which I found disgusting.  It's like a really salty paste made from yeast, the smell alone is horrid.  Australians use it like peanut butter though...

Interestingly enough as well, Hormel has a "Spam Museum" in Austin Minnesota, it's worth a stop if you're in the area.  Details the long history of spam and how it was a staple for soldiers in WWII.  Also had a nice little section about the skit about spam on Monty Python.

hangover treatment

I grew up in SW Texas, and menudo was a staple hangover remedy in our town, but not for me.  The smell of it is horrific, imo.  I would rather attend an alcohol <a href="">addiction treatment center</a> than eat menudo while hungover.  The problem for me is, it's a perfectly delicious soup if you leave out the tripe.  I just can't find the delight in eating stomach for breakfast.