Obama & Biden @ your library

No, sorry, Barack Obama isn't visiting the local library.  But we do have information on him and running mate Joe Biden. 

Books Obama has written, so far:

The audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the American Dream

 Dreams from my father: a story of race and inheritance

 Change we can believe in: Barack Obama's plan to renewChange we can believe in America's promise (This is brand new--it may not be on the shelf just yet.) 

Other books:

 Barack Obama and the future of American politics by Paul Street (Not on the shelf--on order).

 Obama: from promise to power by David Mendell was published in 2007, so it won't have up-to-the minute information, but it will have extensive history and background, but reviewers seem to like this first biography.

 A bound man: why we are excited about Obama and why he can't win by Shelby Steele is a controversial book by a Hoover Institution fellow who is also biracial and claims that Obama cannot win because he’s “still mired in an ideology of racial victimhood and separatism,” according to Steele.

 The Obama nation: leftist politics and the cult of personality by Jerome R. Corsi has well over a thousand Amazon customer reviews, on both ends of the spectrum. This is the same man who wrote the Swift Boat book Unfit for command.

 The case against Barack Obama: the unlikely rise and unexamined agenda of the media's favorite candidate by David Freddoso.Promises to keep

 We also have Joe Biden's biography published in 2007, Promises to keep: on life and politics.