McCain & Palin @ your library

No, sorry, John McCain and Sarah Palin aren't visiting this week.  But we will have information on them both at the library!

Worth the fighting for

 Books John McCain has written:

 Faith of my fathers: a family memoir

 Hard call: great decisions and the extraordinary people who made them

 Worth the fighting for: the education of an American maverick, and the heroes who inspired him

 Why courage matters: the way to a braver life

 Other books:

 Citizen McCain by Elizabeth Drew is the story of the campaign reform battle in 2001. According to Amazon, “Readers wanting to know how things really get done in Washington have a fine guide in Drew, and admirers of McCain will find still more reasons to respect him after watching him in combat.”

 According to the authors of Free ride: John McCain and the media (by David Brock and Paul Waldman), McCain is “enabled” by a media that loves him.

 Man of the people: the maverick life and career of John McCain by Paul Alexander has been revised and updated for the current campaign.

 The real McCain: why Conservatives don't trust him and why Independents shouldn't by Cliff Schecter is self-described as a “hard-hitting profile.”


 We have also ordered Sarah Palin's biography, Sarah: how a hockey mom turned Alaska's political establishment on its ear.

Next week--Obama and  Biden!