New Country Music CD's!

There are new music CD's available for checkout at the Jackson District Library! Among them is a nice selection of discs by country singers, including Alan Jackson, George Strait, and more.

The new disc by Sara Evans is The greatest hits of Sara Evans. And, yes, they are all hits--except for the four new songs included. I didn't know they put new music on hit compilation albums! However, people seem to like the new ones, especially "As if," so maybe doing this is ok. Regardless, the other songs really were hits from the last ten years of her successful career.


One great thing about using the library for music is that it can save you money. By checking out a CD you think you are going to love, you find out for sure if you want to invest in it. Sometimes what is a smash hit for most people is a swing and a miss for others. An example of such a disc may be Trent Willmon's Broken in, which has been called a "mediocre effort.” If you are considering this purchase, check it out of the library first, then tell us on the website how you feel.


Country great George Strait continues to do impressive CD's while still traditional in his instrumentation and sound. His newest, Troubadour, contains a somber song, "House of Cash," about the loss of Johnny Cash’s home, along with other offerings in honky tonk and Caribbean styles. The hit single "I saw God today" is just one of the great tunes on this disc!

Van Zant has added My kind of country to their list of Southern Country Rock discs. The song "Goes down easy" aims to be the music you want when you hang out at your favorite spot. They also include lots of other great ballads that go down just as easy.


Good Time

Good time from Alan Jackson seems to resonant with many people, especially the selection "Small town Southern man." Hailing from Newnan, Georgia, Jackson really is a small town man. More than 50 people have taken the time to give him 5 stars on Amazon--many think it is a fun CD and no one has given it a bad review! This is a must hear!

So next time you're out and about, stop by the library and check out some of the hottest discs in new country music!