Foreclosure can be prevented--let your library help!


The Jackson District Library is working with community organizations to help those in danger of foreclosure.  If this applies to you or someone you know, pick up the Foreclosure Prevention packet we prepared in collaboration with the Community Action Agency.  

Also, the following resources are available at the library:

Managing Debt for Dummies by John Ventura and Mary Reed can be the key to heading off a downward trend for those not yet in the foreclosure timeline.  It also contains a section on avoiding eviction that could help those renters who are in trouble.  This excellent entry in the Dummies series is highly recommended.

If you want to be sure you are getting expert advice, then Fight Foreclosure! by David M. Petrovich is one you definitely want.  Petrovich has been interviewed by Fox, reported in the New York Times. He is the director of a nonprofit that specializes in helping homeowners.

Also in the Dummies series, Foreclosure Self-Defense by Joe Kraynak and Ralph Roberts is a recent addition that is getting a lot of attention.

Finally, The Homeowner's Guide to Foreclosure by James I. Wiedemer is in its second edition--that means it was good enough the first time around that they updated it for today's market.  Wiedemer is a long-time expert real estate agent and attorney whose experience can benefit you.

For further information, contact me, Tessa, in the Reference Department of the Carnegie Library at 788-4087, ext. 234.