Jane Austen Book Club

The JA Book Club meeting for August was bittersweet.  Our most faithful and stalwart members, Sara, Maria and Joanna, are going off to college.  Luckily Joanna will still be here in town and promises to be at every meeting and Sara is just up the road at MSU so she will be able to drop in occasionally.  These young ladies have been at every meeting, except for a school play, and they have been enthusiastic, generous and wonderful fun as well as a great inspiration to me, to know that Austen is beloved by all ages.  I do hope those of you who tried one meeting will come back and give us your support again.

We had a hilariously time reading "Lady Susan" out loud.  I would like to continue it next month.  I will provide copies of the letters which comprise the book.  Do come and join us!  Lady Susan is probably the least well-known of Austen's leading ladies as well as a thoroughly "bad girl."  Her attempts to manipulate others,  scheming and plotting to get her daughter married to a rich idiot, make for very entertaining reading.

Our next meeting is September 8th at 6:00 pm in the McIntyre Room at the Carnegie Building, 244 W. Michigan Ave.  The meeting is open to anyone interested in Jane Austen or England in the Regency or Napoleonic period.