Job Search Classes are being offered

The Jackson District Library will be holding a series of class to help people between job opportunities, (or those anticipating being so) refine their job search skills. 

The classes in the series are:

Job Search Series; Before the Résumé

What are the challenges to the Job Hunt, advice on how to prepare, exercises to help give you an advantage.  Look at your interests, skills and abilities and type of work environment that best suits your personality.

Job Search Series; Creating your Résumé

The process of creating your resume; Learn how to create a professional resume using Microsoft Word, It is helpful to have some computer experience and be familiar with Microsoft Word

Job search series; Critiquing your Résumé
Receive guidance and suggestions on how to improve the resume you've created in the previous class. Space is very limited, preregistration is required. 

Job Search Series; Posting your Résumé /Job search sites
Find out where the sites are and how to post your resume on the internet.

Job Search Series; Your Job Interview
Find out what interviewers look for, interview questions, type of interviews, self packaging, and interview mistakes.

The schedule for these classes is:

Cass Title

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Before the Résumé

Sept 2

Oct 7

Nov 11


Creating Your Résumé

Sept 9

Oct 14

Nov 18


Critiquing Your Résumé

Sept 16

Oct 21

Nov 25


Posting Your Résumé / Job Search Sites

Sept 23

Oct 28

Dec 2


Your Job Interview

Sept 30

Oct 30 **

Dec 9


All Dates and times are Tuesday’s 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM except for Thursday October 30, 1:00 – 4:00 PM

Space is limited – preregistration is required.

Please call Jim Delaney or Joyce Betz at 517-788-4099 if you have questions or to register.


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New Classes

Very timely!  A thorough look at the skills necessary to find a new job!