Want a barnyard in your backyard? Storey's guides can help!

Barnyard in your backyard

These days of economic difficulties can start people thinking and searching out new ways to feed their families.  One method that many people turn to is raising livestock in their backyard.  If this appeals to you, then you will want to become familiar with the Storey publications.  These guides are published covering every type of livestock and also advising readers on other areas, such as beekeeping, composting and canning.   

One of the first books the novice may want to consult is Barnyard in your backyard by Gail Damerow.  Touted by many as a great primer for the beginner, this book can help someone decide which animals might suit them better and how much investment of time and money is required. She covers pros and cons, including topics such as manure and noise. 

The preponderance of Storey guides deal with a particular animal and go into a good amount of detail about them.  For instance, Storey’s guide to raising rabbits by Bob Bennett, covers various aspects of getting started (including why to start at all). Then part two discusses housing, feeding and breeding in depth, offering photos, charts and steps for building hutches and sheds.  The last part offers advice on marketing and various potential problems.  Extra sections at the back include recipes, a glossary and a small section on breeds, delineating which are best for meat or for fur. There really isn’t a lot these books don’t cover! A list of selected Storey guides available through Jackson District Libraries: 

 And many more—the library system owns more than 224 titles from Storey Publications! Most likely we own the one you need.