Jane Austen Book Club

The Jane Austen Book Club for July welcomed three new fervent Jane Austen fans and celebrated a birthday!  Sara, one of our graduating seniors, was the birthday girl and Joann made a very tasty and tender cake with an inscription for "All Jane Austen heroes wish Sara a Happy Birthday."

We discussed the plots of "The Watsons" and "Sandition" and even read part of the romatic ending where Sidney tell Emily he always thought he wanted a sensible, practical girl for a wife, who only had one weakness -- that where he was concerned, she would be totally impractical and lose all her good sense.  Of course, Emily is that girl and that leads to a typically Austen final scene.  The version quoted was the fragment of "Sanditon" finished by A Lady, and we all agreed it would make a wonderful film.

Next month we will be discussing "Lady Susan," a novel written in the form of letters back and forth from Lady Susan, a sexual predator who is one of the most villainous, wickedly evil women ever written.  I wonder how JA, bred and raised in a country parsonage, ever had the imagination to come up with Lady Susan.  We will be reading the letters aloud with various JABC members taking the various parts.

We will meet on August 11th at 5:00 pm, summer hours, in the MacIntyre room in the Carnegie branch.  Come join us!