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Summer travel?  Maybe you can only dream about it this year, but maybe you're still going…and these books might help!

One super book for the family is The travel mom's ultimate book of family travel by Emily Kaufman.  This expert covers the waterfront on destinations and things-to-do for families, giving tips and insider info all along.  Her personal three main goals would be good for any family: 1. There should be a few planned activities we can do together as a family. 2. Flexibility will be allowed for everyone to do his or her own thing at least once, if not more. 3. There will be time set aside to spend with just my husband. The chapter divisions include cruises, camping, all-inclusive resorts, soft adventures, beach adventures and winter holidays, and much more.

A fun and potentially valuable little book to read before you plan is The smart traveler’s passport, edited by Erik Torkells with 399 tips from readers of Budget Travel magazine. The tips could save you money and vastly increase your comfort.  Not to mention the annoyance of, say, having the memory card for your digital camera confiscated at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt or having to back your car up for a tour bus to get by at a narrow pass along Ireland’s Ring of Kerry. Or, worse yet, not getting on the flight to Tahiti because you only have three months left on your passport!

Fodor's complete guide to the national parks of the west is a great resource for anyone headed into the setting sun.  As usual in a Fodor publication, the current information includes cost details and handy info such as the fact that entrance into the Grand Canyon National Park before 7 am or after 7 pm is legally free—save the $25 vehicle fee! 

Looking for some unique travel experiences? Hotel secrets from the Travel Detective by Peter Greenberg might be worth a peek.  It is good for a laugh, too, from time to time.  Take the section on theft—I mean, guests stealing from the hotels!  The incidents are incredible—especially the guy who took the bathroom door!  But some of the fun needs investigation:  hotels that offer unique services, such as the free dental exams at the Budapest Ramada, or the shower hammocks at Mexico City’s W Hotel.

Pick up one of the library’s pathfinders when you come in—the Travel Websites page includes gas price sites as well as sites for accommodations which allow pets.  This free tool can save you lots! 


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