Book Review- Cormac: Tale of a Dog Gone Missing

I just finished reading Cormac: the Tale of a Dog gone Missing, rather I finished listening to the audio version (available through JDL's net library collection)

Summary from the Book Jacket: "Cormac - a dark red Golden Retriever who has always been afraid of thunderstorms and lightning flashes - runs away one stormy night while his master is away." "So begins a strange adventure that lands Cormac in the back of a red pickup truck driven by a mysterious woman, takes him to a series of dog pounds and rescue shelters, and ultimately brings him to the suburbs of Connecticut. Meanwhile, his owner, devastated and trying to juggle his family and his new novel, becomes determined to solve the "dog-napping" case, watching his small-town community come together in search of his lost companion."-

Rating: 3 1/2 of 5 stars

I think the book may have been a chance to cash in on the Marley and Me craze.

It was a good book, but I didn't feel the emotional connection with this family or this dog that I did during the Marley book. Part of the problem may have been that I was bothered by the reader's (the author's) voice or reading style.  At times it seemed flat and monotone, without much expression. There were other parts where I thought he did a better job at reading and expressing emotion.

The audio book was 4 hours and 52 minutes long, the book is 228 pages, not a huge book. It was light reading and not too distracting while driving. I enjoyed it but it was not one of those that had a lot of parts where I had to set in the car after I had reached my destination, to listen to the rest of the chapter. It was enjoyable and worth reading or listening to.