Book Review: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Five friends live through three decades of marriages, child raising, neighborhood parties, bad husbands and good brownies-and Landvik... doesn't miss a single cliché as she chronicles their lives in this pleasant but wholly familiar novel of female bonding. When Faith Owens's husband is transferred from Texas to the "stupid godforsaken frozen tundra" of Freesia Court, Minn., in 1968, her life looks like it's going to be one dull, snowy slog-until the power goes out one evening and a group of what appear to be madwomen start a snowball fight in her backyard. These dervishes turn out to be her neighbors: antiwar activist Slip; sexpot Audrey; painfully shy Merit; and Widow Kari. They become fast friends and decide to escape their humdrum routine by starting the Freesia Court Book Club, later given the eponymous name by one of their disgruntled husbands. As the years pass, .... Their personal dramas are regularly punctuated by reflections on political milestones ("First Martin Luther King, Jr., then Bobby Kennedy. As if we didn't have enough to worry about with this stupid war..."). While some scenes are touching and genuinely funny, readers of Fannie Flagg, Rita Mae Brown, Rebecca Wells and many imitators will feel that they've seen this before.”

Lorna Landvik has become one of my favorite authors. Her books are touching and funny and as the Publisher’s weekly reviewer seems to think an imitation of others, I disagree. Her style is similar but not an imitation. I like that style, that’s why I read her and Fannie Flagg, and Rebecca Wells.

This book, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me angry. As I was reading I began comparing some of these women’s personalities to people I know. I also started thinking about who would play each character if they made this into a movie. I had trouble coming up with people to play each part. That’s another reason I found the book enjoyable, I sometimes think that books were written just to be made into a movie. I didn't feel like Angry housewives was written to become a movie, although it would be a good movie.

Although it is about friends who form book discussion group, and Landvik does give some of the titles and how they "houswives" create themes around some of the books for each meeting, it is not about books.

Angry Housewives eating Bon Bons was one of those books that made me sorry it had to end, I want to spend more time with these friends and find out what happens next in their lives.



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Angry Housewives

I read this book years ago and really enjoyed it as well.  The snowfight scene was so funny.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

Our book club just read this book and we loved it! We laughed and cried and had alot of fun with this book.

My wife saw this book and

My wife saw this book and started yelling asking if i thought we need to get some marriage counseling or if i wanted to let her know what the problem was.