Author/Book Review

I love to discover a new mystery author with a compelling central character that grows and develops over a series of books.  My latest favorite is Chris Knopf, author of The Last Refuge, Two Time, and Head Wounds.  The settings is the Hamptons on Long Island where Sam Acquillo, ex-engineer, ex-corporate division head, ex-boxer has retreated to live in his dead parents ramshackle cottage in Southampton's North Sea neighborhood.   Existential despair is Sam's prevailing mood, until he gets hooked up with a beautiful, married banker, a pot-smoking gorgeous lawyer, a gay billionaire attorney and various other characters who comprise the year-round inhabitants of this expensive real estate.  Sam involves himself in investigating the death of the little old lady next door in his first book and discover secrets so old that they've almost been forgotten.

The dialogue is crisp and Runyon-like and his descriptions are lyrical.  I kept reading funny bits out loud to my husband on a recent car trip until he begged me to stop.  Thereafter I kept my laughing to myself.  If you like like well-plotted mysteries, engaging and off-beat  characters, try the works of Chris Knopf, all of which are available at JDL.