Garden Gleanings

Now that we are getting into the grit of the new planting season, we want to dish up the dirt on our best new landscape and gardening books. A new edition of a popular book, Perennial combinations by C. Colston Burrell covers many climates and conditions. Beautiful original designs are featured from Burrell, an experienced professional designer along with130 combinations of two to six plants. Burrell's book is one of the most popular gardening books currently out! For that little extra something in your space, Lin Wellford's painted garden art anyone can do is a wonder for its easy, step-by-step explanations, including actual size patterns.  These colorful plans make it simple for anyone, even people who have never painted, to improve their gardens with beautiful rock, stone or concrete additions.  The paint she recommends makes it painless, too, since it includes primer and sealer.  Once you are hooked on her designs, she has other books and ideas to keep you going.


 The way we garden now by Katherine Whiteside is a great book for novice gardeners or experienced gardeners looking for inspiration.  Her enthusiastic presentation begins with a section for new gardeners, and a later section on creating a French "potager" or vegetable and herb garden, including recipes. For those longing for year-round beauty, there are chapters which talk about winter shrubs, grasses and perennials as well as indoor gardening.


Even royalty love to garden, as The elements of organic gardening by HRH Prince of Wales Charles and Stephanie Donaldson shows.  Prince Charles has been using organic methods for more than twenty-five years, and he has lots of good ideas.  The authors cover pest control, seasonal planning, water conservation and much more.  The Midwest Book Review strongly recommends this book for everyone, novice to expert.


Booklist thinks our final entry an exceptional item, even a must-have! Perennials: the gardener's reference by Susan Carter will bring anyone up to the very last minute on new cultivars and their requirements.  Using charts for ease with the large plant families, Carter includes more than 3000 entries, highlighting the bestsellers and popular plants. Detail is what makes this packed book special!


Dig in to some of these superb helps and make your garden grow!