Cloverfield--the nonsensical

Cloverfield has been released on DVD, and it is no longer a new release for the library, if you are curious after you read what I have to say.  The reviews had commented on humorous moments in the movie—there were two, just two.  I checked with my fellow viewers, and they counted two, the same two. Some reviewers had said they liked the unique camera work: I felt it was complete mimicry of Blair Witch Project, especially the subway tunnel scenes. There were lots of very predictable moments in this film, and the ones that weren’t predictable were usually illogical and unscientific to the point that I had to try really hard not to blurt out some derogatory exclamation at that moment.  With restraint, I saved my cynicism for afterwards.  Surprise!  So had everyone else.          I don’t think I would even give Cloverfield the 7 out of 10 that online critics have.  Maybe a 5.5? It’s one way to kill an evening, and there were several good action moments, but all in all, I wouldn’t watch it again.


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It could have been worse

Awww, it wasn't all that bad. I enjoy films like that where all the tricks are done with the camera. It's not all that graphic, in-your-face action. Instead, you only see little bits that are just enough give you an idea and forces you to use your imagination. Shyamalan does this well. But I guess you're right. This one could have been a lot better. I wouldn't watch it again either.
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I liked it!

I liked this movie! It isn't one that I want to run out & pay $20 to own or anything (I'll wait for it to be on sale ;)) but I thought it was good. 

Some of it was pretty far fetched but it was a Monster movie.... so what can you expect??! One thing that I commented while watching is that any normal person would NOT have kept filming. That camera would have been long-gone!

One thing about this movie though is that there are a few subtle hints scattered throughout. There's a reason they show parts of the homemade video of Coney Island... watch closely!!!!